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  10. This is nice…. Mandy Moore fucking a cucumber

  11. I like the way she is rubbing her pussy

  12. There is another scene from this movie when Melissa George milking her self, Can you upload it please?

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  14. This is amazing But it isn’t the full scene. Mandy Moore lubing up a big cucumber and then using it to masturbate, bringing herself to orgasm and causing her toes to curl while lying on her back. She is then interrupted by her husband and grandgather bursting into the room and surprising her.

  15. doe’s mendy have any Anal scenes? it will be nice to see one

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  17. I remember this Movie. it’s about a couple who wants to liven up their marriage by having a consensual affair.

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    This is From “Swinging With The Finkels” in which she seems to use a cucumber to pleasure herself. Probably an Academy Award winner, ye

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  21. Mandy Moore is a beautiful spirited girl. I remember when she was a teenage pop star. I imagined her masturbating and moaning quite a lot back then, and in my mind, she did it without penetration, mostly by rubbing her pussy. I loved her music and her movies and wanted to lick her pussy…

  22. Mandy has been on my Fuck List for at least 5 years. Had to save this despite how short it is.

  23. Nothing beats fun with vagina and a cucumber. By the way, This is From The movie Swinging With the Finkels.

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  54. hahaha … that was funny in the end !!

    I like Mandy (but only with black hair) blonde is not her style

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  56. Mandy is a beautiful-spirited girl. I remember being smitten by her when she was a teenage pop star. I imagined her masturbating quite a lot back then, and in my mind, she did it without penetration, mostly by rubbing her clit. She gushed a little (and sometimes more than a little) when she came, which melted my heart. I loved her music and her movies and wanted to kiss her all over!

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