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Kendra Wilkinson The Full Sex Tape “EXPOSED” + The New Lesbian SEX TAPE 2016

Wow. Kendra is hot as hell. We bet the honey between those pussy lips is ever so sweet.

The reality TV star and a former Playboy bunny is exposed in a home vsex tape leaked to the net.

Kendra was 18 years old when she first met Hugh Hefner, 78, the owner of Playboy and the one most men envy because of the sexy bunny girls who live in his estate. And not just live, as you probably understand. And so did Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh’s hot bunnies.

Kendra lived with Hugh Hefner and two other bunnies in the commune a few years ago and five years ago decided that it was too much and left the estate for a completely different life. Kendra met Hank Baskett, the two were even supposed to get married on Playboy mansion, but decided at the last minute to cancel it.

The guy who “co-starred” in Kendra,ד sex tape is Justin and he was Kendra’s boyfriend in high school.The two dated until Kendra met Hugh Hefner’s charms.

Kendra doesn’t really want to be videotaped. She emphasizes this several times

“Please don’t do it,” Kendra says. “Please?”

“Kendra,” Justin the duchbag says, annoyed. “I’m barely zooming in. Just go.”

“Can you not?”

“You’ll like it. Trust me. Watch. Go.”

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  1. if she was born on June 12, 1985 and this sextape was allegedly recorded on 2001? 2002? How old is she in this tape?
    She entered Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion in 2004, when she was 19…..

  2. She was so beautiful in her teens. It’s sucks she got ugly in the last years and crying for attention on any reality show.

  3. She is the best playboy girl ever! I wonder if she ever did anal sex tape

  4. another dum bitch from Hugh Heffner Bunnies mansion

  5. why are people so quick to judge Kendra Wilkknson? Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t fuck a lesbian once in awhile and have a little fun insering fingers to asshole.

  6. dam my hands are so oily right now if you know what i mean..

  7. Lmao he weak I would have knocked that out the park

  8. Second time even better!

  9. i wanna explore Kendra’s Ass some more!!!!!

  10. The NEW Lesbian Sex Tape is Fucking AWSOME!!!! Can You Please rip it From FreeCelebAss and upload here? I want to share it on Twitter.

  11. well if she weren’t 17 in this she’s a pretty lame shag for a sex symbol, and who’s the fat no dik ginger twot who shot his bolt as soon as he got stroked 5 times?

  12. Fuck her in the ass stupid ASSHOLE!!

  13. Thanks, This is the pnly working link to the sextape I found, Can U upload it in HD Quality?

  14. I am big fan since playboy Girls next door. what a body

  15. WOOW Kendra Wilkinson is fucking amazing but the guy next to her looks like a complete looser. I don’t understand how they became friends. Maybe he’s rich

  16. Kendra Tits 🙂 and Kendra’s little checky ass 🙂

  17. Kendra Wilkinson The Full Sex Tape EXPOSED | Hollywood Jizz is really big and I admire it

  18. How old was she in this video ?

  19. Kendra knows how to suck a cock proper. Shame he got tiny dick

  20. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    Kendra wilkinson looks good but She is a bitch and a selfish fuck …why am I not surprised. i am waiting for her next sex tape and i hope she will get DP

  21. This is’nt a leaked Sex Tape or a stolen one. I believe kendra wilkinson published it to become more famous. everybody greedy now days.

  22. Now I know How Vivid earned lotta money. The dance is so HOT!

  23. This is the complete Sex Tape? it’s only 27 minutes

  24. She was amazing at Girl Next Door

  25. at last i found kendra’s full sex tape 🙂

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