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Charles Bronson seems to recover and moved on. He go to pick up his beutiful girlfriend’s daughter Carol (Robin Sherwood) from the hospital, where her doctor says that despite traumatic catatonia, Carol has begun to speak again. Paul, Geri, and Carol spend the afternoon at a carnival. While waiting in line for ice cream, Paul gets pick-pocketed by 5 ugly gang members (3 whites and 2 blacks….). He catches up with one who, after a brief struggle, denies taking Paul’s wallet. Paul lets The Ugly but unrecist mother fucker go.

The muggers that stole Kersey’s wallet go to his house. They break in and violently assault and buttfuck the poor maid, Rosario, then wait for bronson to arrive. When Paul arrives home with his daughter, he is beaten unconscious. Rosario tries to call the police, but a white mother fucker hits the Sexy bitch with a crowbar, killing her. They kidnap Carol (Nice young traumatic girl) and take her with them to their cave where they begin to rape her ass without lube.

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  1. She wasn’t ass raped. Just tore up her hooch, plus “The Man” got some head. Then, he cracks her skull with that tire iron. Then the daughter gets felt up n fucked by the faggy looking one in the warehouse. Jiver the crazy nigger gets a lot of pussy in this one. The fag licked the maids ass after pulling up her dress. Brutal rape movie. Should be banned.you are a sick person to upload such scene online!

  2. Dear sir/madam,

    I think you will find in was 3 blacks and 2 whites in the Death Wish 2 rape scene. Not 3 whites get it right thank you.

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