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Monica Bellucci and Elisa Morucci All Sex and Nude Scenes – Malena (2000)

Very erotically charged scenes. Wonderful thrilling movie. Monica Bellucci Butt naked is the most beautiful woman in the world…

Malena begins in Sicily in 1940 during World War II just as Italy enters the war. A young boy, Renato, sees the beautiful lady, Malena (Monica Bellucci). Malena’s husband has been taken away to fight and the beautiful Malena is left alone. Renato becomes obsessed with Malena and starts fantasizing about fucking her. His fantasies become increasingly elaborate and he becomes obsessed with the young woman, peeping in her window and watching her naked amazing tits and ass.

Things get worse when the wife of the local dentist takes Malena to court, accusing her of having an affair with her husband, but Malena is acquitted. The court is told that Malena is being harassed for being beautiful, as other ladies feel insecure and threatened by her. The only man that the lonely and sad Malena has a romance with, an army officer, is sent away after saying he and Malena were “just friends” – The betrayal cuts deeply, but Malena says nothing to condemn the officer. After her acquittal, Malena’s lawyer Centorbi comes to her home and asks for a dance. During the dance, using her unpaid legal fees as leverage, he rapes her while Renato watches from outside her house.
Malena’s poverty finally forces her to become a whore. She cuts off her long black hair and begins to dress like a fucking crack whore. When the Nazi army comes to town, Malena sells her ass to the motherfuckers as well.
When the Americans arrive, the ugly women gather and publicly beat and humiliate Malena, forcefully shaving her hair and stripping her in the square.

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  1. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 hfegi

  2. Monica Bellucci is the worlds’ most beautiful actress.
    Her body is like a masterpiece and her face are perfect.

  3. The end is so sad. Why they had to force strip and humiliate her in front all the village?

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