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Meg White The Full Sex Tape

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  1. i will deap dick her pussy

  2. Hey im a striper come by and ill show u a night ull never forget

  3. If I ran into Nude Meg White, on all fours like This I will put my Hugh dick in het tiny asshole

  4. Who the hell is Meg White and what she is doing in celebrity website? Never heard of her!

  5. Nice White Ass

  6. Meg is such a slut!

  7. This Sex Tape was the reason White Stripes tour was cancelled. Meg White got severe anxiety disorder.

  8. is it really Meg White? And why is it always tapes of female celebrities that attract the most attention ?

  9. Nice hugh Tits

  10. I am disappointed. Sex with Meg White has to be kinkier then that

  11. From this day on She is my favorite drummer…

  12. dunno if it’s realy meg white, but i like it anyway

  13. Meg White is a shitty drumme but a relentless Fucker 🙂

  14. Fat ass but worth Butt Fuck

  15. lol thats not her, but im going to pretend that it is her, sweeet!!!!

  16. It is Meg White. it was a huge scandal, it’s probably on her Wikipedia page now.

  17. This is so HOT

  18. This is exactly what she does in music…sucks cocks

  19. this girl is not meg, obviously, sometimes meg seems to be retarded, this one’s not

  20. dude this chick is a real shitty drummer but since its a pornsite, i admit i would fuck the shit outta her

  21. dunno if it’s meg white, but i came anyway

  22. This one’s too pretty to be the real meg white.

  23. WOW! A bunch of losers arguing over the validity of a sex tape. Just shut up and enjoy.

  24. lol thats not her, but im going to pretend that it is her, sweeet!!!!

  25. Don’t know if that’s really her or not, but she’s sure built like her…and that’s wonderful

  26. fat ass but get pounded

  27. not Meg, but great tits anywyay.

  28. It looks like Meg White to me. She’s so hot. Meg should’ve taken it from behind for the whole video!

  29. My dick says it’s Meg white so fuck you moron

  30. she may be an amazing drummer, but he sure as hell can drum her ass 🙂

  31. Fap fap fap fap

  32. RollDamnTide

  33. they look different – its not her

  34. i wanted to see spunk on her face

  35. nuncam mais ouvi falar na banda da Meg White
    ainda existe a banda dela?

  36. poor women that fucker onlly lasts 2 min i would last forever

  37. I hope she fucks better than she makes music!

  38. Yeah,thats REALLY Meg White!!!Its just some fat bird with big tits!

  39. MEG white , Idiot

  40. aww man i would totally shag her. jus listenin to her moan in this vid is awesome

  41. its meg white sex tape from the white stripes

  42. o is she fat women?

  43. I would fuck the shit out of that bitch!

  44. Too bad she let the plastic surgeons ruin that beaut face

  45. thatz y I fckd her one time-boring pussy/noazzatoll

  46. its fantastic

  47. yeah yeah i impress

  48. super- cool Meg great fuck

  49. Great Video

  50. She does the same thing in videos that she does in music…sucks dick

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