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Polly Walker Sex & Bath Scenes – “Rome” nude


  1. She is the hottest nude milf ever filmed on HBO’S production.
    Nice classic

  2. I Wanna live in ancient rome and fuck my male and female slaves all night long

  3. Where is she now ?

  4. I love this ancient Rome Shit. U can fuck all day and have slaves to lick your ball whenever u desire….

  5. Fucking HOT PICS! polly has the sexiest ass in the show business!

  6. I could not resist commenting. Very wll videp. I’m buffy biggest fan

  7. Louis Tomlinson

    her fat pussy can stands horse sized cock, which is why she is smiling 🙂

  8. She should be a part of a contest for one of the finest Milf in the History of TV

  9. I want slaves like they have in Rome and a good job in the senate

  10. I love ancient rome. u could do anything u want and get out of it

  11. She is the best MILF ever in HBO History

  12. I like Paulie Walker’s Butt. he is so full and round. How old is she? 40?

  13. Ancient Rome is so Sexy ….

  14. Shame there isn’t any Anal scene in “Rome” like there is in “SPARTACUS” I don’t understand why nobody fuck paulie’s nice ass

  15. There is a scene in rome where the emperor rough fucking and slapping a girl. Can u please upload it ?

  16. I’m looking for the part when Titus polo fuck Cleopatra. Can You upload it please ?

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  18. He should FUCK HER UP The BUTT!!!

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